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B L A U E T U L P E*~

Lastelement's icon journal

Blaue Tulpe
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lastelement's icon journal
Welcome to Blaue Tulpe

Hello! Welcome to Blaue Tulpe lastelement's icon journal.

-Not Hotlinking
-Comment & Credit me if you take something
-Do not clame my work as your own.
-Do not modified my graphics in any way.
-You may request for original pictures and tutorials.

The name of the icon journal (Blaue Tulpe) means blue tulip in german. I chose that name because i love tulips and because i just loved how it sounded.

Feel free to friend me or to join the community, I'll be more than happy to know people see my graphics and stuff =D
Right know the community is members only =D join to see all my stuff (of garbage your call).
If you're looking for my posts, where i wirte about how this world is beautiful and at the same time sucked feel free to friend me or leaving me a message on my friends only post at my journal.
I'm currently looking for affiliates, so if you're interest please go here. In here is the list of the affiliates, too.



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*this section is under construction, if you see one of your textures, brushes or something, please let me know is yours so i can credit you*

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You're everything I care for and by the sweet breath of Aphrodite I'm so jealous of losing you to this world you want so badly.
- Jared Leto (in Alexander)
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